Marking Turtles

Marking Turtles

How to Mark a Turtle — Marks are made by filing a small v-shaped notch in the marginal scutes on the turtle’s carapace (top shell), as shown below.

Notching Turtles

Turtle ID — Each turtle is assigned an individual ID that corresponds to the mark you have given the turtle. The ID consists of a series of letters unique to that turtle. Example Turtle ID’s: ABX, BJK, HQW, IWX, MPQ, OPV, PWX

Marking Scheme — See diagram below. In this example, the carapace is marked as “BKO,” last processed in August. Note that Bridge marginal scutes (D, E, F, G and R, S, T, U) are not marked.

Marking Scheme Diagram

Keeping Track of Marks Used — Use list of marks in The Box Turtle Connection research manual (see sample page below). Cross a mark off as you use it and write date next to it.

Identification Codes