Box Turtle Downloads

Box Turtle Card .pdf

Box Turtle Card .pptx

The Box Turtle Card is a two-sided card that provides information about the status of Box Turtles in the wild, why they need to stay wild, moving them from the road and how you can help.

Box Turtle Connection 2006–A Passageway to a Natural World Manual

The Box Turtle Research Manual (.pdf) is the go-to document on Box Turtles. It chronicles everything from curricula, study methods and anatomical characteristics of the Box Turtle.

Sexing Box Turtles

Sexing Box Turtles is a PDF that highlights the differences in appearances that occur between male and female box turtles.

Brush Pile Fact Sheet

The Brush Pile Fact Sheet is a how-to for building brush piles on your property to provide shelter for box turtles and other wildlife.

Box Turtle Connection–Legacy

The brand new, 2017 edition.